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Wheel size parameters

Update:Nov 2017,29

Hub size, the tire flat ratio is high, the impact in th […]

Hub size, the tire flat ratio is high, the impact in the visual stronger, and because the tread widening, increased ground area, driving more stable, but fuel consumption also will increase. The modified hub must first understand the value on the hub, including size, width, E T value, PCD and hole position. The hub size is the diameter of the hub, which is the diameter of the hub, which people say 15-inch wheels, 15,16 inches in 16-inch wheels. The hub width is commonly known as the J value is a direct impact on the choice of tires, the same size tires, J value is different, the choice of flat tire width and width will be different.
ET value that is the middle of the wheel hub screws and the whole center of the difference between the rim, the popular point is that after the hub is retracted inward or outward bulge. "Usually do not modify the brake system under the premise of maintaining the ET modified hub with the same value of the original ET." Master Huang pointed out that the ET value and the steering characteristics of the vehicle, the wheel positioning angle has a relationship, the gap is too large The value of the distance may result in abnormal tire wear, wear of the bearing, or even failure of normal installation.
PCD and hole position are one of the most important parameters of the hub, where PCD is the diameter between the fixing bolts in the center of the hub. The general hub of a large hole is five holes and four bolts, bolts and the distance is different. To 5 × 114, for example, on behalf of this wheel hub PCD is 114 mm, hole five bolts. In order to safety and stability considerations, it is best to choose the same PCD wheel with the original car to upgrade.