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The purpose and method of rolling bearing lubrication

Update:Oct 2017,11

   Rolling bearings are also a kind of commonly used me […]

   Rolling bearings are also a kind of commonly used mechanical hardware products, which need to be used in the process of its lubrication, in order to ensure its normal work, then the main purpose of rolling bearing lubrication treatment? What are the methods of lubrication? Today for everyone to organize the following, hoping to help everyone on this kind of bearing have an understanding and understanding it!
   The main objectives of rolling bearing lubrication are:
   1, to reduce friction and wear: in the formation of the bearing rings, rolling elements and the contact parts of the holder to prevent metal contact, reduce friction, wear.
   2, to extend the fatigue life: the rolling fatigue life of the bearing, in the rotation, rolling contact surface lubrication is good, then extend the contrary, the oil viscosity is low, the oil film thickness is not good, then shortened.
   3, the discharge of friction heat, cooling: the cycle of oil and other oil can be discharged from the heat generated by the friction, or from the outside heat, cooling to prevent the bearing overheating, to prevent the aging of the oil itself.
   4, other: also to prevent foreign body intrusion into the bearing, or to prevent rust, corrosion effect.
   Roller bearing lubrication of the main methods:
   At present, the lubrication method of the bearing is mainly grease lubrication and oil lubrication in two different ways; in order to make the bearing play well, first of all, to choose the appropriate conditions of use, the purpose of lubrication method only consider lubrication, oil lubrication Dominate. However, grease lubrication can simplify the characteristics of the surrounding structure of the bearing, the grease lubrication and oil lubrication of the pros and cons.