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The correct installation of bearings

Update:Dec 2017,26

Bearing is installed correctly, directly affect the bea […]

Bearing is installed correctly, directly affect the bearing accuracy, life expectancy and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly departments for the installation of bearings to fully research, in accordance with operating standards. The standard work items are as follows:
1. Cleaning bearings and related parts
2. Check the size and accuracy of the related parts
3. Installation
4. Bearing inspection after installation
5. Fill lubricant
During installation, open the bearing package. General grease lubrication, do not clean the bearings, grease directly. Oil lubrication, generally do not have to clean, however, instrument or high-speed bearings, etc., to use clean oil to wash, remove rust coated on bearings. Remove the rust-proof bearings, easy to rust, so can not be placed.
Furthermore, the bearings that have been sealed with grease are not cleaned for direct use.
Bearing installation, due to the bearing structure, with different conditions, due to the general axis of rotation, so the inner need interference fit. Cylindrical hole bearings, multi-press press-in, or hot-loaded method. Cone hole the occasion, directly fixed on the tapered shaft, or with adapter sleeve installation.
Installation to the bearing, the use of more with the gap, the outer ring when the amount of interference, usually pressed into the press, or use the installation of cold after shrinkage method. With dry ice as a coolant, cold shrink installation occasions, the moisture in the air will condense on the bearing surface. So need to take anti-rust measures.