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Taper hole bearing installation

Update:Jan 2018,04

Cone bearing directly to the inner ring fixed to the ta […]

Cone bearing directly to the inner ring fixed to the taper shaft or adapter sleeves, demount sleeves mounted to the cylinder shaft
Large spherical roller bearings multi-purpose hydraulic installation, the use of hydraulic nuts into the tight sleeve installation example.
Install the oil hole in the adapter sleeve and press the adapter sleeve with the bolt while feeding the high-pressure oil into the mating face.
Check the reduction in radial clearance for installation. Use a feeler gauge to measure the clearance, as shown in Figure 8, while measuring the clearance between two rows to be about the same value.
As the size of the bearing increases, when installed on the shaft, the oval deformation of the outer ring occurs due to its own weight. If the clearance is measured at the lowest part of the deformed bearing, the measured figure will be greater than the actual clearance. With this wrong radial clearance , According to the general standard installation, will cause interference is too large, or the actual installation clearance is too small. One half of the sum of horizontal clearances a, b and the lowermost clearance c is used as the clearance.
Self-aligning ball bearing adapter sleeve installed on the shaft, to ensure that the outer ring can be flexible self-aligning, clearance after installation can not be too small.