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Repair of wear of motor bearing chamber

Update:Oct 2017,16

  Due to the frequent start of the motor or positive an […]

  Due to the frequent start of the motor or positive and negative, may make the installation of the bearing end of the bearing chamber and the bearing outer ring with the loose, the formation of bearing outer ring leaving the end bearing bearing wear, if not repaired, will seriously affect the motor The normal operation.
   The following brief description of several motor bearing chamber wear repair method.
   1, rolling method
With a high hardness of the tip of the punch, the bearing chamber surface to play a uniform bump, the purpose is to narrow the bearing chamber diameter, so that it is tight with the bearing outer ring. This method applies to the small wear of small motor inner cover inner ring, which is a temporary emergency treatment method.
  2, sputtering method
  The use of special equipment to the metal plated on the wear of the end of the bearing on the inner surface, to restore the original diameter. This method applies to wear depth of not more than 0.2mm of the occasion.
  3, set of sets of law
  The end of the bearing  indoor round car 6-10mm, with the transition with the tolerance, and then a steel set inlay, but the inner diameter of the steel sleeve should meet the bearing outer ring with the tolerance. Rolling bearing jacket and bearing room with the tolerance table below.
Rolling bearing jacket and bearing room with the tolerance
  4, AR-5 bonding method
  Will drive the car inside the car drive 0.8-1.0mm (turning surface to rough), with gasoline or alcohol to clean the bearing room, and then use acetone and then rubbed the surface and dry. Will AR-5 wear-resistant rubber by A: B = 1: 1 volume ratio of extrusion, on the glass plate and mix thoroughly, will be transferred to the AR-5 plastic coating in the bearing surface, the coating to be uniform, Thickness of not less than 1mm. After 24 hours at room temperature, the lathe will replace the imported bearing compartment to the tolerance with the size, that is, the assembly of watermelon.
   5, tin welding method
  It is a simple and easy way to repair the motor end cap bearing chamber with soldering. It is not only durable but also ensures coaxiality with the mouth. Operation, first with gasoline cleaning bearings and end cap bearing room, with a cloth clean. Will be the outer circumference of the bearing with a fine sand cloth to wear the surface of the bright layer after the clean, and then in the aliquot smear a little hydrochloric acid, with copper soldering iron on its flat on the welding layer of thin tin, and then With a fine sand cloth polished, clean. The welding of tin bearings into the bearing chamber, the excess solder will automatically squeeze out. The method can repair the gap is not greater than 0.3mm end cap bearing chamber wear failure.
   More than 5 kinds of repair on the bearing chamber wear method for your reference, would like to help.