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Points for attention in bearing use

Update:Oct 2017,24

Rolling bearings are precision components and should be […]

Rolling bearings are precision components and should be used with great care. Even if high quality bearings, if not used properly, will not get the desired effect.
Attention should be paid to the use of bearings.
Keep the bearings and their surroundings clean
Even tiny dust that is invisible to the naked eye can cause bad effects on the bearings. So keep the area clean so that dust doesn't invade the bearings.
Careful use.
In the use of strong impact on the bearing, will produce scars or indentation, induced accidents. In severe cases, cracks and fractures are caused, and attention must be paid to them.
Use special tools for bearings.
Special tools must be used and cannot be replaced at will.
Avoid bearing rust.
Hand sweat will cause rust when operating bearings. Pay attention to using clean hands, gloves as much as possible, pay attention to corrosive gases.