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Mill bearing storage

Update:Mar 2018,01

Bearing is a precision mechanical components, storage a […]

Bearing is a precision mechanical components, storage and storage of its more stringent requirements.
(1) Warehouse temperature: bearing factory are coated with anti-rust oil, the temperature is too low or too high will lead to anti-rust oil deterioration, room temperature should be controlled at 0-25 ℃.
(2) Warehouse humidity: high humidity will rust bearing, warehouse relative humidity should be maintained at 45% -60%.
(3) Warehouse environment: The bearings are best kept separately. When they must be stored together with other items, the other items that are coexisting with them should not be acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals. Bearing should be placed away from the ground, away from the heating pipe.
(4) Regular inspection: according to the provisions of anti-rust bearing products, regular inspection every 10-12 months. If you find a rusty packing phenomenon, should be re-oil seal packaging.