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  • Wheel bearing maintenance

    Wheel bearing maintenance

    Feb 2018,07

    In the removal of the hub before, should be prepared to do the hub maintenance, the car parked and erected from the axle to ensure the safety of maintenance operations. (1) Remove the decorative cap a...

  • Bearing seal recoil after the main bearing seal delayed back seat too long

    Bearing seal recoil after the main bearing seal delayed back seat too long

    Feb 2018,05

     There are two main reasons for this failure: On the one hand, the amount of leak in the piston chamber of the main bearing seal is large. Although the bearing seal is seated back, The pressure is sti...

  • Leakage of bearing seal

    Leakage of bearing seal

    Jan 2018,31

    • Under normal working pressure of the equipment, the valve flap and seat sealing surface occur more than the allowable degree of leakage, bearing seal leakage will not only lead to loss of media. In ...

  • Bearing maintenance

    Bearing maintenance

    Jan 2018,29

    • Maintenance and repair • Care, troubleshooting and troubleshooting • To maintain the original performance of rolling bearings, as long as possible in good condition long-term use, the bearings must ...

  • The correct way to maintain bearings

    The correct way to maintain bearings

    Jan 2018,24

    1, Cleaning Remove the inspection bearings, the first use of photography and other methods to make a good appearance record. Also, check the amount of lubricant remaining and sample the lubricant befo...

  • Bearing maintenance and judgment

    Bearing maintenance and judgment

    Jan 2018,22

    Determine the demolition of the bearing can be re-used, to check after cleaning the bearing, carefully check the raceway, rolling surface, with the state of the surface, the cage wear, the bearing cle...