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How to install the bearings correctly

Update:Dec 2017,11

     1. Prior to mounting the shaft on the shaft, the b […]

     1. Prior to mounting the shaft on the shaft, the bearing pin bearing pin must be unplugged and the shaft surface polished clean and lubricated on the shaft neck (allowing the shaft to rotate slightly).
     2. In the bearing seat and bearing surface coating with lubricant, the bearing into the bearing. Then the bearings and NSK bearings with the shaft. Push to the desired location for installation.
     3. Do not tighten the bolts that hold the bearing housing so that the bearing housing can rotate in the bearing housing. In addition, the same shaft is mounted on the other end of the bearing and the seat, and the shaft is rotated several turns so that the bearing itself is automatically located. Then tighten the bearing bolts.
     4. Install the eccentric group. The first part of the core is nested on the eccentric step of the inner sleeve of the bearing and is tightened by the rotation of the hand shaft. Then insert a small iron rod or eccentric sleeve over the counter hole. Use a hand hammer along the direction of rotation of the small iron. So that the eccentric sleeve is securely installed, and finally lock the eccentric sleeve on the hexagon screw.