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How to identify the wheel bearing failure?

Update:Oct 2017,31

Wheel bearings are a simple but important auto parts th […]

Wheel bearings are a simple but important auto parts that allow the wheels to rotate freely.
Bad wheel bearings should be replaced before it can not be used to avoid damage to the car and cause damage.
Sound: wheel bearing wear, the driver can identify the sound from the wheel. One of the bad wheel hub bearings is the rumbling noise. Noise tends to make the speed of the vehicle moving loud.
Vibration: With the rumble, the sound of the bad wheel bearing can be felt in the car or on the steering wheel. This noise will be greater at higher speeds or turns.
Testing and maintenance: If a bad wheel hub is found, the hub bearing should be safely tested to increase the rotation of the wheel. The wheels were spinning smoothly and did not slip to the side. If the wheel bearings need to replace the part of the relatively cheap, repair is not complicated, often more time-consuming.