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Forging wheel technology characteristics

Update:Nov 2017,06

(1) Cylindrical design, the larger the diameter of the […]

(1) Cylindrical design, the larger the diameter of the wheel is to use thicker aluminum forging, and cast aluminum ring hub using "raw material" manufacturing method is different.

(2) Cut the aluminum material according to the required J number of aluminum hub width.

(3) first aluminum ingot heated to 400 ° C up and down, then ready for forging.

(4) hot forging molding. The higher the tonnage forging machine, the lower the working temperature of the aluminum ingot, the forged product has smaller grains and higher toughness.

(5) After the high temperature and pressure forming rough embryo temperature is very high, the surface is covered with black carbides, must use the forklift to handle, and after pickling surface treatment after the rough embryo has a hub of the prototype.

(6) After T4 and T6 heat treatment for a long time two heat treatment, the embryo grains will be more compact, the toughness of the product will increase.

(7) Forged aluminum hub must rely on machining, the rough embryo processing to the hub molding, so the work includes the formation of fetal lips, screw holes, face turning and detailed machining and other steps.

(8) Before painting, the hub surface must be checked again for flaws.