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Cylindrical bore bearing installation --- press into the press method

Update:Jan 2018,16

Small bearings widely used presses press into the metho […]

Small bearings widely used presses press into the method. Shown in Figure 1, the block against the inner ring, with a press slowly pressed to the end face of the inner ring close to the shoulder. The outer ring to withstand the pad mounted inner ring, will cause indentation or crush on the raceway, it is absolutely forbidden.
Furthermore, the operation, should be in the mating surface of the oil. A last resort to hammer the occasion of the installation, pad to the pad on the inner work. This practice often cause bearing damage, therefore, limited to a small amount of interference situation, can not be used for large amount of interference or medium, large bearings.
Non-separable bearings such as deep groove ball bearings, the inner and outer rings are required interference installation occasions, with a screw or hydraulic pressure, the use of pad to the inner and outer rings simultaneously press. Self-aligning ball bearing outer ring is easy to tilt, even if it is not interference fit, it is best to pad pad installation.
Separate bearings such as cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, the inner and outer rings can be mounted to the shaft and bearing seat. Will be installed separately when the inner ring and the outer ring, the key to a steady closure, to prevent the center of the two deviate, barely pressed will cause roll to the surface scratch.