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Bearing removal

Update:Dec 2017,06

Bearing according to their installation type and size, […]

Bearing according to their installation type and size, choose mechanical, heating or hydraulic mode. However, you can not directly hit the bearing ring, cage, rolling elements or seals. The forces applied to the bearings during installation must not be transmitted from one bearing ring to the other through the rolling elements, as the raceways may be damaged.
     For clearance from bearing rings, it is advisable to work with a thin layer of anti-creep etchant to prevent friction between mating surfaces.
     Bearing through the eccentric sleeve bearing inner ring and shaft fixed, hexagonal screw eccentric sleeve from the role of fastening. In the maintenance, bearing the technical points and precautions:
     1. First, loosen the eccentric sleeve of the locking screw with an Allen wrench, and then erect the mounting hole with a small iron to loosen the eccentric ring against the rotation direction of the shaft.
     2. Loosen the bolts that secure the housing. Connect the bearing to the shaft. Note the front end of the shaft at the shaft end. It should be the other end of the bearing bolts at the end of the release to avoid damage to each other at both ends of the bearing.