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Bearing overload

Update:Nov 2017,14

     Excessive pre-load will generate a lot of heat and […]

     Excessive pre-load will generate a lot of heat and lead to bearing damage. The form of damage is similar in appearance to the type of damage caused by insufficient lubrication. These two incentives are often confused, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination in order to determine the root cause of the problem. Lubricants suitable for general operation may not be suitable for high preloaded bearings because the strength of the oil film may not be sufficient to carry very high loads.
     At high preload, another form of damage may occur even with extreme pressure lubricants capable of supporting heavy loads. Although lubricants can handle loads and prevent scratching of rolling elements or raceways, heavy loads can cause premature fatigue spalling on the subsurface layer. The appearance of this type of flaking and the consequent bearing life issues will depend on the preload and load carrying capacity of the bearings.