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Bearing corrosion

Update:Nov 2017,01

    Erosion or corrosion is one of the most serious pro […]

    Erosion or corrosion is one of the most serious problems encountered with anti-friction bearings. Bearing raceway and roller surface of high precision machining, making it vulnerable to moisture and water corrosion.
    Etching is usually due to changes in the bearing housing temperature, internal air condensation, the accumulation of water caused by the accumulation. And moisture or water from the damaged, damaged or inappropriate seals into the bearing. In addition, the bearing in the demolition, inspection, cleaning and drying properly, can cause such damage. After the bearing is cleaned and dried, or when the bearings are placed in the warehouse, they should be coated with oil or other preservatives and packaged with protective paper. Whether it is new bearings or old bearings, should be placed in the dry area, wrapped in the original packaging, reducing the static corrosion before installation may occur.