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Application environment of bearing

Update:Mar 2018,12

According to the use position and use conditions and en […]

According to the use position and use conditions and environmental conditions to select the size and precision, matching the suitable bearing is the premise of ensuring the bearing life and availability.
1, The location of application: tapered roller bearings are suitable for radial and axial combined loads which are mainly radial loads. They are usually paired with two sets of bearings, mainly for the front and rear wheels, driving bevel gears, differential and reducer parts.
2, Allowed speed: in the installation of correct, well lubricated environment, allowed to the bearing limit speed of 0.3-0.5 times. Generally, under normal conditions, the maximum speed of 0.2 times is the best.
3, Allow the tilt angle: tapered roller bearings are generally not allowed to tilt axis relative shell hole, if tilt is less than 2'.
4, Permissible temperature: under normal load and high temperature resistance and full lubrication, the general bearing is allowed to work at ambient temperature of -30 C -150 C.