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Alloy wheels reduce fuel consumption

Update:Nov 2017,21

It is understood that the wheels on the market in accor […]

It is understood that the wheels on the market in accordance with the material can be divided into two major categories of steel wheels and alloy wheels. According to reports, the steel wheel manufacturing process is simple, the cost is relatively low, anti-metal fatigue ability, and more appear in the original low with models. However, the shortcomings of the steel hub is relatively prominent, that is, the weight is larger, and the inertial resistance, heat dissipation is relatively poor, and easy to rust.
Relatively speaking, the alloy wheel hub weight is relatively light, inertial resistance, high precision, small deformation in high speed rotation. Inertial resistance is small, is conducive to improving the car's linear driving performance, reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption. In addition, the thermal conductivity of the alloy material is about three times the steel, heat dissipation is good, for the vehicle's braking system to play a protective role. Alloy wheels are mostly made of aluminum alloy. Compared with steel wheels, the price of alloy wheels is more expensive, which is the standard of the original high-middle-class vehicles.