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• How should the bearing avoid damage

Update:Jan 2018,10

• In general, the proper use of bearings can achieve fa […]

• In general, the proper use of bearings can achieve fatigue life. However, if an unexpected early injury occurs, it can not be used anymore. Unlike fatigue life, this early injury is called a failure or an accident. Many due to installation, use, lubrication on the ill-considered, invasion of foreign bodies from outside or for the shaft, bearing seat of insufficient research.
Bearing damage, such as the roller bearing rim ring flange scratches, the reason may be insufficient lubricant, brand is not suitable for exhaust structural defects, invasion of foreign bodies, bearing installation error or shaft deflection is too large, It may also be caused by all kinds of reasons above.
• Therefore, it is hard to know the real cause of the damage only by examining the bearing damage. However, if you fully understand the use of bearing the machine, working conditions and the external structure based on the situation before and after the failure to find out, combined with the bearing damage and a variety of related reasons to analyze, you can prevent similar failures again.